How Does The Antivirus Software Works In All Devices?

Antivirus software has a healthy list of current virus definition files while analysing program files if he finds any program that matches a definition file it will be treated as suspicious and harmful and will be either deleted or quarantined. Program files before entering the computer go through the antivirus scan, while scanning those who matches the definition are classified as a virus and stopped from entering the system and are blacklisted. 

The other files that passed through this scan are considered as safe and will be allowed to enter and run in the system. However, if the user feels that some of the program files that are blacklisted by the antivirus program are good and will not cause any harm to the computer, then he can move them back in the whitelist. Once the application file comes in the whitelist, it will function and can enter in every program and data if necessary without any interruptions by antivirus program.
How Antivirus protects from the virus?
An antivirus can us…